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Complete Events

»  You want to pamper your customers, your business partners, your fellow-workers?

»  You want to develop your B2B network?

»  You want to put forward new proposals or products?

»  You want to strengthen the teambuilding in your enterprise?

For this purpose Nico Verdonck can offer you a complete event. As a professional race pilot Nico Verdonck takes you along together with your co-workers, partners and business contacts for a breathtaking drive in a real race car on a F1 circuit. So you can consolidate your B2B contacts in an extravagant way.

Hospitality will be complete, from relaxed welcome to VIP shuttle service, from bites till exclusive catering, from small present and firm logo on the race car to large media response. In every way the day will be organized to your particular wishes and objectives.

Further information and à la carte proposals on demand.


Scenario A: In a Formula Renault V6 Bi-place on the circuit.

A possible concrete proposal:

Nico takes along your guests for an unforgettable and breathtaking ride on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. They will be brought to the F1 paddock in a shuttle and received in the VIP box by hostesses. After a short briefing and technical information about the F1 racing car every guest in turn will take place, well fastened, behind Nico, for some sensational laps on the F1 track, at top speeds around 280 km/h. In this way they experience Nico’s exceptional driver’s qualities. Watch the video here...

Afterwards, during an extensive buffet, they can share their experiences and get to know better race pilot Nico.
A product or firm presentation can be joined.

Video tapes or photos can be made of this event, useful for your internal and external enterprise communication. Every guest will get a photographic souvenir, signed by Nico.

"Müller Martini is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of high-grade systems and solutions for the graphic industry. Quality and productivity are very important to our costumers. Not only excellent engines are necessary for that purpose, but they also need good maintenance and must be operated by well trained staff members. We found again the combination of man and engine in a costumer event we called "the race to productivity", organised in Zolder by Nico Verdonck. The customers who won the race during our productivity days in our demo centre in Merchtem, were able to experience in an unforgettable way what it means to drive a few laps in a well tuned Formula car driven by an experienced pilot. Nico’s great organisation made a strong impression on our customers."

Dirk Deceuninck, Managing Director, Müller Martini NV


Scenario B: In a race GT on the circuit.

A possible concrete proposal:

On a Thursday, from 1 till 5 PM, during a training day for race pilots, your guests are received in the Hospitality lounge on the Zolder Circuit, where charming hostesses take care of the catering. 15 till 20 guests will be able to drive, seated next to Nico, during 3 to 6 breathtaking laps on the circuit. Out of the pitbox they can also see the other race cars in action.

This can be eventually combined with presentations of products.
The day will end with a drink and a personalised present.

"BRUNBRO Entertainment Group is a firm that buys and distributes movie rights in the Benelux. We go through the whole chain of windows, from release in the cinemas till the sale to broadcasting stations. When buying movie rights you invest on a basis of scripts for certain titles and you trust on your intuition before buying "strong" titles. We also got this feeling when we first met Nico Verdonck a few years ago. That explains why we took up Nico’s interesting proposal. On the one side because motor sport offers us the possibility to receive guests and suppliers, on the other hand because we feel lots of sympathy for the professional and passionate way Nico made this event a success. Till today we didn’t regret our choice! Nico is a smooth host who offers his guests and business partners lots of added value, on and in the surroundings of the circuit."

Steven Stichelbout, Managing Director BRUNBRO Entertainment Group NV


Scenario C: An outdoor Kart support and race.

A possible concrete proposal:

You and your guests are expected at the outdoor Kart circuit of Antwerp Karting. After a welcome drink, the guests can change (provide race clothing and helmet). Next to a briefing Nico will teach them "the ideal line" and other driving skills.

After the chrono races follows a race between the guests, in series in accordance with their level.

This event can eventually be combined with the presentation of the enterprise or the products and the mentioning on Nico's site.

"The HD-HSS sales team enjoyed very much the perfectly organised team-building event on June 30th at Antwerp Karting. Racing under a bright shining sun, in the fast mini F1-karts and guided by you was an unforgettable experience. Thanks again for your professional contribution to the success of this day."

E. De Mulder, General Manager, Hunter Douglas Belgium NV / Helioscreen systems