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Paul Ricard - BlancPain tests

Two beautiful days of racing

Nico Verdonck and the Boutsen-Ginion team just finished two days of satisfying official testing on the Paul Ricard race track in the south of France. Under the Mediterranean sun they were able to take things to the next level with the McLaren.

The conditions were dry and sunny but a stiff wind made it really interesting. It gave the team a chance to look at the performance of the car under different circumstances. Especially on the famous long straight stretch of the 6 km Paul Ricard circuit.

Nico tested 4th out of 40 participants finishing four tenths from the fastest driver and his teammates didn’t make any mistakes either. What a promising result with the start of the Blancpain-Endurance season just around the corner. This team is growing and the best is yet to come.

We are really looking forward to the first race April 15 on the infamous track of Monza.